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The Ultimate Engagement Gift Guide: Portrait Paintings for Every Couple

Posted on 21 July, 2023

Portrait Paintings: The Ultimate Engagement Gift Guide

In this post, we'll explore why a custom portrait painting can be the perfect heartfelt engagement gift to commemorate the engagement of your best friend


You are looking for thoughtful engagement gifts as your dearest friends have recently gotten engaged. With a plethora of options available, how do you choose something that truly conveys your care and joy for them?

Why not consider a custom handmade portrait painting gift by presenting them with a custom hand-painted engagement portrait? Such a personalized masterpiece, created exclusively for them, captures the essence of their love and excitement during this momentous occasion in a manner that will be cherished for a lifetime. In this post, we'll explore why a custom portrait painting can be the perfect heartfelt engagement gift to commemorate their engagement.

Why An Engagement Portrait Painting?

An engagement portrait painting makes for a one-of-a-kind, thoughtful gift. It allows you to create a piece of art as unique as their relationship. There are many reasons why a customized couple portrait is a great gift idea:

custom handmade portrait painting engagement gift for a young engaged coupleOil Portrait Engagement Gift For A Young Engaged Couple (Image Credits: Paintphotographs.com)


  • Captures Their Love - An artist can paint the engaged couple gazing into each other's eyes or locked in an embrace. This commemorates their affection, intimacy, and excitement during this romantic chapter of their lives.

  • Reflects Their Personalities - The artist can include personalized details and themes that speak to who the engaged couple is. Their interests, quirks, adventures - anything that makes the painting truly them!

  • A Timeless Heirloom - Unlike gifts that get used up or go out of style, a hand-painted portrait can be passed down and cherished for generations as an heirloom that makes an engagement portrait a timeless gift.

  • Shows You Care - Commissioning a one-of-a-kind painted portrait takes time, thought, and effort - proving how much you want to honor their engagement.

  • Meaningful Gift for Indian Couples - For Indian couples, a custom portrait in traditional style is a meaningful way to blend culture into their special engagement day. The artwork can incorporate Indian clothes, scenery, wedding symbols, and rich colors that hold significance.

Portrait Painting Poses and Style Ideas


When customizing an engagement portrait, it's essential to explore the diverse range of portrait painting styles available. Each style offers a unique perspective, allowing you to choose one that perfectly complements the couple's taste and personality. Here are some popular portrait styles to consider:

Traditional Couples Portrait Painting

The traditional couple's portrait painting is a classic couple pose that features the couple sitting side-by-side or standing embracing with big smiles. It's a traditional yet romantic look perfect for a timeless engagement memento. Feel free to give it a unique twist with outfits, scenery, or props that reflect the couple.

For Indian couples, incorporating rich colors with gold accents and meaningful symbols like Lord Ganesha reflects Indian tradition. Or pose them in a Rajputi couple pose style wearing traditional clothes in regal portraiture style. These touches showcase heritage while creating a classic heirloom. An engagement painting of a traditional couple painting makes a great Indian engagement gift or a painting for gift marriage

Young Engaged Couple Portrait Painting GiftYoung Engaged Couple Portrait Painting Gift (Image Credits: Paintphotographs.com)


Artistic Black & White Portrait Painting


The artistic black & white portrait painting removes color and focuses attention on facial expressions, intimacy, and composition. This style has an artistic, dramatic effect. It highlights the couple's joy and excitement about their engagement in more emotional, striking detail. Black and white also allow the freedom to get creative with posing and props.

Candid Photo Portrait Painting

Recreating a portrait painting from photo that captures a candid moment from their proposal, engagement shoot, or favorite memory makes the painting extra personal. Candid moments tell the genuine story of their love. The spontaneous laughter, tender gazes, and joyful energy get immortalized in brush strokes. Adding a touch of color to the painting can make details pop.

Artistic Black & White Couple Charcoal Portrait Sketches

Couple portrait sketches present a delightful option for exceptional engagement gifts. The versatility of charcoal, with its bold black strokes, demands skilled artistry to bring the subjects to life, resulting in outstanding portrait artwork. Opting for couple portrait sketches ensures a timeless gift that will be treasured for a lifetime.

Engagement Gift: Charcoal Portrait Sketch of a Happy young Engaged CoupleEngagement Gift: Charcoal Portrait Sketch of a Happy Young Engaged Couple (Image Credits: Paintphotographs.com)


Activity-Focused Portrait Painting


Portrait painting that showcases their favorite hobbies, interests, adventures, or travels together can make great engagement gifts. Pose them cooking together, sporting team jerseys, or recreating their favorite travel snapshot. This creates a fun, casual portrait tied to the things they're passionate about.

Photo Selection for the Portrait Painting & Customization Tips

Today, skilled portrait artists can craft exquisite portrait paintings from a photo, thanks to the wonders of modern technology. Reputed platforms like Paintphotographs.com offer custom handmade paintings from photos, providing a convenient and elegant service for capturing cherished memories in the form of timeless art.

Gone are the days of tedious and costly portrait painting sessions, where subjects had to pose for days before the artwork was complete. 

Making a portrait painting from photo or a pic is now easy and convenient. All you have to do is to choose your favorite photo of the engaged couple and place an order on the site. Once they receive your order, the team will connect with you to discuss and finalize all the elements of your custom handmade order, like the background, and make note of any special requests.

Here are some ways to make portrait painting special:

  • Have outfits, scenery, or props reflect their style. For example, pose them in front of a favorite city skyline, alma mater, or even their new home.

  • change their clothes, or add jewelry  

  • Use their favorite pictures for inspiration. An artist can create a portrait painting from  photo on canvas or collage elements from photos into the painting.

  • Add personalized details like a monogram with their initials or their wedding date. This commemorates their commitment.

  • For Indian couples, include culturally significant colors, flowers, or symbols that hold meaning in Indian tradition. Details like an om, mangal sutra, lotus flower, or mendhi add heritage.

  • Incorporate a meaningful background scene like iconic Indian architecture. This roots the artwork in tradition.

Once all the elements of the portrait painting have been finalized, the artist gets to work to make the portrait painting. Once the portraiture is made, the image/pic of the portrait painting is shared with you over WhatsApp or email for your approval. At this point, you may request small changes/revisions or approve the painting. If approved your painting order is shipped to your delivery address. 

Gift Presentation Ideas

How you choose to present the meaningful engagement portrait gift also adds to the excitement. Here are some creative ideas:

  • Unveil it together at their engagement party for an impactful reveal. Watch their delighted reactions!

  • Have the couple open the thoughtfully packaged portrait together. Make the gift experience just as memorable.

  • Video record their reaction as they open it so their joy is captured forever

Choosing the Right Artist


Finding the perfect artist ensures your custom engagement portrait turns out just how you envision it. Here are some tips on choosing an artist:

  • Review their portfolio and samples to find an artistic style you love. Gauge their skill in capturing intimacy, emotion, and personality. For example, you can check Paintphotograph's social media handles on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter

  • Opt for an artist who specializes in couple portraitures. Their experience will show in posing, composition, and execution. For example, you check the commissioned oil portrait painting works of Paintphotographs by visiting the gallery pages. Or check couple portrait paintings by visiting the Engagement PortraitWedding Portrait, Couple Portrait, and Anniversary gift pages.

  • Communicate your vision for the painting and share sample photos. But also be open to the team's suggestions to make it work well on the canvas.

  • Read client testimonials to learn about the artist's process, communication style, and commitment to capturing the essence of relationships through art. You can read about the client testimonials of Paintphotographs on Google reviews.

  • Inquire about mediums and supports they work with to get the look you want, from oil on canvas, acrylic, mixed media, etc. 

  • Ask how long commissions take to ensure it's completed in time for gifting. Typically at Paintphotographs, the turnaround time usually is 17-20 days. There is also an express option for urgent deliveries. (For exact turnaround time please connect with us on Whatsapp)

Once you pick the portrait style, give the artist precise directions, and give them creative freedom, you'll have a unique painting the engaged couple will cherish.

For a truly custom, hand-painted experience, choose an artist who works by hand on canvas rather than digital prints. Handmade brush strokes add that irreplaceable human touch. Oils, acrylic, charcoal - select a medium that aligns with the portrait style and the engaged couple's taste. 

Price of Portrait Paintings

The price of a custom handmade portrait painting depends on the size of the art, the number of people to be painted, and the complexity of the painting. The prices of portrait paintings at Paintphotographs start from  Rs. 4000 for an A4 size painting and can go up to Rs 20000 or more for a single person or an individual portrait painting depending on the size and complexity of the artwork The full price and size range is available on the pricing page.  

The price depends on the effort required to make the painting and the skillset of the artist. More the people and elements in the painting, the larger will be the art size, and the higher the skillset requirement, the higher will be the cost. Each artist will quote a different price for the same painting depending on his skillset and reputation. Thus the price for customized paintings varies from artist to artist. If you don’t know the artist personally it it then becomes difficult for you to decide on the the artist to commission. 

Online art service providers like Paintphotographs.com have networked with the best of artists from across the country and offer standardized pricing for portrait paintings and custom art. 

The transparent and standardized pricing along with the client approval process takes away the uncertainty of the quality of the painting. As the client sees and approves the painting before dispatch. 


A personalized, hand painted engagement portrait painting makes for an incredibly thoughtful, meaningful gift. It provides a romantic work of art to commemorate their once-in-a-lifetime engagement. And as a bonus, you get to play a special part in creating this wonderful gift they'll proudly display for years. Whether classic or modern, abstract or realistic, black and white or vibrant hues, the custom portrait art preserves their love and the couple will truly appreciate your thoughtful gift.


If you wish to order a custom handmade oil portrait painting or an oil painting you can visit our order now page. Custom handmade oil portrait paintings make for memorable gifts like a family portrait paintings painting or a single-person portrait or birthday portrait painting or a housewarming gift. And commemorative, like memorial portrait painting. Our talented artists can also create composite oil painting portraits from two or more reference photos or pics. Similarly, we can also create pet portrait paintings or create new portrait paintings from blurry old black-and-white photos.

You can visit our pricing page to know the prices of our portrait paintings. To see our work on portrait paintings you can visit our gallery pages. To connect with us ping us on our chat messenger on the website or ping us on Whatsapp or call us at 918291070650 or drop us an email at  support@paintphotographs.com 

If you are an art aficionado and interested to write a guest post for us, connect with us. 

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For notes and references, please refer to the Notes and Reference section.

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