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Refund Policy

Refunds / Cancellations

As all our portrait paintings are custom made on order, Paint Photographs will not enforce refunds or cancellations if any work is started by the artist unless an exception is made by us. 

Money Back Guarantee

If you receive your painting after 15 days of agreed delivery date, in case of photo to painting order if the painting is completely different than the reference photograph, if oil painting artist have not incorporated the additional instructions given by you at the time of placing the order, you can reach to us via e-mail and ask for refund withing 5 days of receiving the delivery. We do not allow cancellation anytime before completion of the order. The product must be shipped and returned in its original condition to qualify for the full refund. Filing a dispute with your bank or credit card will waive your right to our Money Back Guarantee offer under this policy. Final authority to decide whether a particular order fits to our refund policy or not will remain with Paint Photographs.

Limitations of Money Back Guarantee Offer

Refunds are limited to two (2) refund requests per calendar year per customer. One refund request must be made for each physical item in an order. Paint Photographs.com may deny refunds at our sole discretion if we believe a refund is requested by the same customer more than the allowed number of times under this policy. Customer shall be responsible for full payment of any orders that are denied refunds.

Damaged or Lost Shipments

We will cover the cost of the damaged or lost shipments. Any such paintings will be repainted and re-shipped to your address and it will be free of charge. For damaged painting, customer has to share the details with us over the email within 24 hours of receive the painting. In case of lost shipment customer need to contact us within 5 days from delivery date.

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