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Merge Photos with Photomontage Composite Paintings

Order 100% Handmade Photomontage Composite Paintings Created by Merging Multiple Photos 

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  • Add family members from separate multiple images and create a happy family photomontage painting 

  • We offer many sizes and prices including custom sizes. 

Our custom-made photomontage/composite paintings by our expert portrait painters are an ideal way to add a deceased loved one to your photo as if they were present at the occasion. Composite/Photomontage paintings made by combining images and multiple photos make it possible to add a missing loved one to your painting.

You can combine multiple pictures to make beautiful family portrait paintings & memorials by merging two photos into one painting frame. Once you have approved the initial digital draft composition, our portrait artist will work to turn the photo into a real oil painting on canvas. Order your photomontage painting online today. 



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