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Bring Your Family Tree to Life: Turn Your Old Photos into Stunning Paintings

Posted on 27 April, 2023

This post discusses the importance of preserving family heritage and history. But the challenge is much of the family history is in the form of old damaged photos and how Paintphotographs Old Photo to Painting service provides a solution to the problem by converting Old photos into handmade paintings.


We all carry inside us, people who came before us. ~ Liam Callanan


Why Preserve Family History?


What do The Mewar family, The Pataudi family, and The Gaekwads of Baroda have in common with the Rothschild family, The Windsor family, and the Kennedy Family? Stumped?

Apart from being some of the world's most powerful families, they all have a long and storied family history. A family history that is recorded as stories, portrait paintings, family portraits, and images preserved, and passed on to the next generation when their time comes. 

Preserving family history is essential because it allows individual members of the family to connect with their past and understand where they come from. 

But not all families are so lucky to have their family histories preserved for them. Most family histories are in the form of old faded black-and-white photos and images. Over time, photographs can become faded, stained, and marked with lines, that make it difficult to distinguish the people in them.

How PaintPhotographs helps preserve your Family History with Old Photo-to-Painting Service.


It is no fun when you share with your children stories of their great-grandfather and grandfather and they want to see their great-grandfather. And you enthusiastically dig out old family albums to show them photos of their grandfather, grandmother, and childhood photos of yourself, only to discover the photos have faded with age. The photographic paper on which the photos were printed has turned yellow and developed so many stains and creases that the faces of the individuals in the photo are no longer clearly identifiable. And you wonder what can you do to rescue the images and the memories trapped in the photo. 


100 year old photo of Indian family, old photo, vintage photo, old family photo100-year-old photo of an Indian family (Image credits: Paintphotographs.com) 

If you are facing such a problem and looking for an affordable solution you are in luck. At Paintphotpgraphs.com, our Old Photo to Painting service helps create new paintings from photos that are faded jaded, and damaged photographs.

oil painting of grand parents sitting on sofa made from 100 year old photoOil painting of grandparents sitting on a sofa made from 100-year-old photo (Image credits: Paintphotographs.com)


How to convert old photos to paintings 

Paintphotographs.com Old photo to painting service allows you to convert your old photos to new paintings. Our artists painstakingly recreate the images in old photos on the canvas using a painting technique called Photorealism, the art of making a painting from a photo. Using the Photorealism technique, the image is broken into smaller grids. On the canvas, a similar grid is made by the artist.

couple painting pointing at a distance in kashmiri dress, old photo to painting, painting from photoColor oil painting of a couple pointing at a distance in a Kashmiri dress (Image credits: Paintphotographs.com)

Then the artist recreates the image on the canvas by painting from photo each grid with the minute details. Step by step, in a slow and painstaking process, the artist is able to reproduce the entire image on the canvas.  The photorealism technique allows the artist to recreate minute details of the photo onto the canvas. Using the technique we can make black-and-white oil paintings or color oil paintings from old black-and-white photos.

Customize your painting: Size and Style Options available for your unique art Piece

When creating a painting from a photo, there are many customization options, including adjusting the size, creating a color painting from a black-and-white photo, and changing the clothes and clothing of the person in the photo to make them more visually appealing.

Size of the painting

Paintphotographs offers various size options to choose from. The portrait paintings from photos can be as small as 12 inches x 8 inches for a single person (A4) size to as large as 72 inches x 48 inches (6 ft x 4ft). If you have a special size requirement, we can do that too, so long they are bigger than our smallest size, A4.

couple painting from photo, black and white painting from old photo, photo to painting, memorial artA Couple painting from an old black and white photo Size: 40 inches x 30 inches (Image credits: Paintphotographs.com)

If you are unsure about the size of the painting you want, you can read our guide on choosing the right size for your wall art. You can also connect with us over call, WhatsApp, or over website chat.

Styling options in the painting

You may want to make small changes in the painting from the photo. You want to change their dress or add some extra details like jewelry, turban (pugdi), walking stick, or something else. These changes can be done by the artist when the painting from the photo is getting composed.  In the "Grandparents sitting on the sofa painting",  we added the walking stick. 

Using multiple photos to create a multigeneration family portrait painting

We can also use multiple old photos to create a family portrait painting, with multiple generations or siblings. This type of portrait painting created from multiple images is called, composite painting. It's a great way to keep memories alive and honor the people you love.


Background Options of the Painting

Many photos, especially the old ones, have unappealing backgrounds. Photos clicked in front of an almirah, in the kitchen, sitting in front of the dining table, or in other similar situations. Such backgrounds are aesthetically unappealing. For these types of situations, Paintphotographs offer a range of backgrounds that can be used in the painting, to make it visually attractive and appealing. The artist can change the background when the painting from the photo is getting composed.   

As can be seen, there are ways to recover your old photos as paintings. With options for size, options to convert black and white photos to color paintings, options to change their dresses and appearance, and options to change the backgrounds to make them visually appealing. 

But you must keep in mind, while we can convert old photos to new paintings, we cannot convert all old photos to paintings. Some photos are so damaged, that even we cannot recreate them in realistic paintings. 

portrait painting of lady in saree, old photo to painting, painting from old photo, canvas paintingPortrait painting of a Lady in a saree, Old photo to painting (Image credits: Paintphotoghraphs.com)

It is always better to connect and share the image with us for us to check, before placing the order for converting an old photo to a painting. Our size and price table are for standard clear images. For painting from old photos, charges will vary depending on the complexity of the work. You can connect with us on our site, Whatsapp, and over a call for a quote.

PaintPhotographs.com's Artists: Masters of Turning Your Old Photos into Timeless Paintings


If you are wondering how we are able to do this, it is because of our talented team of artists. The photorealism technique that we follow requires tremendous technical mastery over painting techniques. Creating oil paintings of this type requires rigorous training and a high level of technical prowess with mastery over reflectance, and angular congruence, and the style needs to be precise and tight.

old blurry photo of a man in turban, black and white photo, old photoOld Blurry Photo of a Man in Turban (Image credits: Paintphotographs.com)


Our artists have dedicated their lives to learning and mastering the techniques of Photorealism. They have been practicing the art form for many decades. And the quality of the work can be seen on our gallery pages. Mainly visit our Old Photos to Painting to appreciate the quality of the finish of the paintings made from old photos. The finished painting from photos are posted along with their original photos, for easy comparison. 

portrait painting of man in turban, old photo to painting, painting from old photo, canvas paintingHandmade Canvas Oil Portrait Painting  from an Old Photo (Image credits: Paintphotographs.com)


Keep Your Family History Alive with Old Photo-to-Painting: Here's Why!

Family history can be seen as a shared heritage that connects family members and creates a sense of belonging. It helps individuals to understand their roots, their ancestors, their culture, and their traditions. It inculcates a sense of identity, a sense of continuity, and a sense of pride. It helps individual members to learn from the experiences of their forefathers. Provides an opportunity to understand their struggles, successes, and failures. Family paintings and memorial portraits allow the new generation to learn about their family's values, beliefs, and customs, which can help shape their own perspectives and values.

Keeps memories alive for future generations

By knowing their family history, individuals can gain a sense of identity and belonging. It inculcates a sense of identity, a sense of continuity, and a sense of pride. It helps individual members of the family to learn from the experiences of their forefathers. Memorial paintings and family portraits provide an opportunity to understand their struggles, successes, and failures. Allowing the new generation to learn about their family's values, beliefs, and customs, shape their own perspectives and values. It fosters a deeper appreciation for the sacrifices their ancestors made for them. Through this understanding, they can carry on their legacy and contribute to the betterment of society.

Peryiar and his followerPeriyar and his follower Black and White Painting Size 20 inches x20 inches (Image Credits: Paintphotographs.com)

The above painting was commissioned by the family when discovered an old damaged photo of the family patriarch with Periyar, who was a popular leader in Southern India. 

Personalized and unique artwork

Old photo to painting makes for unique and personalized artwork. Portrait paintings from photos that reflect your family’s prestige, honor, and heritage. You can dedicate a wall at home and recreate your family tree through paintings. Portrait paintings of different sizes on the wall as a cluster will add a charming and elegant look to your home. At the same time, it will reflect your family values and your evolved aesthetic tastes.

Perfect for displaying in the home or office

Paintings from old photos make beautiful displays. They can be displayed at home, and in offices and reflects the prestige, values, honor, and heritage of your family. 

Can be passed down as a family heirloom

These beautiful paintings from photos, will one day become precious family heirlooms. To be passed on to future generations, keeping alive the history and heritage of the family. 

A Gift that Tells a Story: Transform Your Old Photo into a Personalized Painting

Portrait paintings from photos make great gifts. They can be gifted on special occasions like the birthday of the eldest in the family like your grandfather or grandmother or uncle or aunt.

couple painting from photo, black and white painting from old photo, photo to painting, memorial artA black and white Couple Memorial Painting (Image Credits: Paintphotographs.com)

Using our composite painting technique we have created paintings from multiple photos that recreate deceased people with their living relatives like a family painting. A daughter with her late father on her wedding day, and a grandson sitting on the lap of their late grandfather.

Don't Just Take Our Word for It: See What Our Customers Say in Their Testimonials.


Over time we have received many 5-star ratings, much praise, and appreciation from our patrons and clients for our work of converting old photos to paintings. Our Old photo to painting service has helped scores of patrons and clients to preserve their family heritage and to bring alive their family history. 

We are grateful to our patrons and clients for their generous reviews and testimonials. Straight from the Heart. Happy Customers, Glowing Reviews. These Testimonials Speak Volumes About Our Service! Check Out These Testimonials and Feel the Magic.

Disharth Singh


Thank you for recreating more than 100 year old potrait of my great grandparents. The way you’ll have imagined elements which werent that clear is phenomenal. Fabulous Details and Loved how the final potrait paint has turned out to be. Thankyou for all the efforts and brainstorming discussions throughout the process.”

Thanks & Regards


Paras khanduja


“They are really awsome at what they do. The response was very fast and the delivery was super quick. I must recommend for portraits.”


Savita Muraleedharan


“I wanted the painting to be delivered within 4 days and they did a wonderful job coordinating with me and making sure everything went well. I got the painting on time and it was packed beautifully. It was a gift to a friend and she absolutely loved it too!!”


Seevarani Chelliah


“Excellent and professional team”.


Kapil Dev


“The Team Of PaintPhotographs specially  Sweta ji is Amazing & his Works are Speechless. My Personal Experience is Good”


Pradeep Kumar G


“The paintings were good. They could reproduce the portrait from an old photograph very well. The whole experience from the time of placing order to receiving the pairing was seamless and efficient.”




“Never expected this sort of work....where I got my dad to see as he is...am soooo thankful to the Paint photographs...with lots of love and respect I thank the entire team...hope you peoples continue the same job”



To conclude the family tree and history are worth preserving. Preserving family history is crucial for connecting with the past and understanding one's roots. But many families have only old, faded photos. Paintphotographs.com offers an affordable solution with their Old Photo to Painting service, which creates new paintings from damaged or faded photos. Get a portrait painting from photos and keep your family history alive. 

If you wish to order a custom handmade oil portrait painting or an oil painting you can visit our order now page. Custom handmade oil portrait paintings from photos make for memorable gifts like a wedding portrait painting or an engagement portrait or birthday portrait painting or a housewarming gift. And commemorative, like memorial portrait painting. Our talented artists can also create composite oil painting portraits from two or more reference photos and pics. Similarly, we can also create pet portrait paintings or create new portrait paintings from photos that blurry old black-and-white photos.

To know the prices of our portrait paintings from photos you can visit our pricing page. To see our work on portrait paintings you can visit our gallery pages. To connect with us ping us on our chat messenger on the website or ping us on Whatsapp or call us at 918291070650 or drop us an email at  support@paintphotographs.com 

If you are an art aficionado and interested to write a guest post for us, connect with us. 

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