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14 Valentine's day painting gift ideas for men and women

Posted on 20 January, 2023

14 amazing valentine’s day gift ideas for men and women to celebrate their love with their valentines



Valentine's Day is just around the corner. Valentine’s day will be celebrated across the world this year on Tuesday, February 2023. Originally celebrated as the feast day, in honor of saints, Valentine’s day has gradually evolved to signify romantic relations in the middle ages. It grew into an occasion when couples gifted each other chocolates, flowers, and portrait paintings to express their love. The notion of Valentine's day also connects with the European folk practice of celebrating the coming of spring after the harsh winters. 

There are numerous references to Valentine's Day in English literature. One of the earliest references to Valentine’s day was made by Chaucer in his Parliament of Fowls in 1382. Even Shakespeare referred to Valentine’s day in his play Hamlet in 1600-01 when he wrote:

"Tomorrow is Saint Valentine's day, All in the morning betime,

And I a maid at your window, To be your Valentine.

Then up he rose, and donn'd his clothes, And dupp'd the chamber door;

Let in the maid, that out a maid, Never departed more."

— William Shakespeare, Hamlet, Act IV, Scene 5


In current times, the gift-giving culture of Valentine's day continues. The practice of giving flowers, chocolates, and handwritten notes is as strong as ever. The notion of Valentine’s day has also expanded beyond romantic love to celebrate and cherish your loved ones, be they friends, spouses, siblings, parents, or other family members. 

With millions of people frantically searching for the best gift to give to their valentines, we put together a list of unique gifts to you may consider giving your valentine. Gifts that will surprise them, delight them, and evoke joyous shrieks, hugs, and kisses. Read on…

Gifts for her, gifts for girlfriend, gifts for wife

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Have thought about what will you give to your girlfriend, wife, spouse, or partner? If you are wracking your brains for the perfect gift for her, to celebrate your valentine’s day, we have a made list of perfect gifts you to give your girlfriend, wife, spouse, and partner this Valentine's Day. Read on. Act quickly. And see that face light up in a million-dollar smile, that stops your heart!

Couple Portrait Painting

You cannot simply go wrong with a couples portrait painting as Valentine’s Day gift. Couples paintings are an evergreen gift idea that is also unique and shows your thoughtful nature. Pick your most cherished photo and we will create a beautiful custom handmade portrait painting from the photo. Oil portrait paintings look extremely classy, sophisticated, and gorgeous on the wall and are reflective of your good taste and thoughtful nature. And they are durable and long-lasting. A couple's portrait will joy to you and your partner for a long time.

couple oil portrait paintingCouple oil portrait painting from photo (Image credits: Paintphotographs.com

To make your Valentine’s Day couple's portrait painting even more special, you can add personal touches like a custom background by selecting from our range of backgrounds and personalizing it with a meaningful message. If you want to make it extra special, you can even add important dates or events that are special to both of you. This way, your couples portrait painting will be a truly unique and heartfelt gift that is sure to bring smiles on Valentine's day!  

Individual Portrait Painting of her

Another all-time favorite as a gift for Valentine’s Day is an individual portrait painting of your girlfriend or wife. To make this kind of portrait painting, you need to choose a photo you like most of your partner. It can be a vacation photo, her engagement photo, or any other photo that you like. Where she looks cute or gorgeous.

individual oil portrait painting from photoIndividual Oil Portrait Painting from photo (Image Credits: Paintphotographs.com)


Select such a photo and our artist will create a portrait painting from the photo that will be gorgeous! A stunning oil portrait painting. And they make for wonderful, thoughtful, classy gifts. To make it more personalized you can also add short text to the painting. Something which is only meaningful to your partner and you. It can be a date, a short phrase, or a nickname you may have for each other. 

Collage portrait painting of girlfriend

Collage portrait painting is another type of painting that depicts a person in various moods in a single canvas painting. To make your Valentine’s Day collage painting, you need to pick four five different photos and our artist will create an elegant collage painting from the photo. By design, the impact of collage painting is different from conventional portrait paintings. Collage paintings can also be made very creative.

collage painting from multiple photos, composite portrait painting, photo to oil painting, oil portrait painting, oil painting on canvas,   Collage Painting from Multiple Photos (Image Credits: Paintphotographs.com)


For example, you can pick important events of her life, like, graduation, first at a job, first trip abroad, and first day at school, and create a collage painting that will depict the evolution of her life. Collage paintings are inherently more impactful but also more expensive compared to traditional portrait paintings. 

Couple painting with their children

In today's competitive high pressured world, relations can be challenging and fragile. Couples who successfully overcome the challenges of modern times to raise kids deserve all the credit. Couples' paintings with their children make wonderful Valentine’s Day gifts for couples with children. To create a couple's portrait painting from a photo, select the photo you like the most and our artist will turn the photo into a painting that will beautiful and elegant.

couple portrait painting with children, family painting from photo, family portrait painting, Couple portrait with Children (Image Credits: Paintphotographs.com)

A couple’s painting with their children is a landmark event in the lives of the couple, that depicts the deep commitment, understanding, and love of the couple. Such paintings depict the loving relations between the partners, as they went through the challenges of raising children and a happy family. Such paintings will bring joy not only to the couple but to the whole family. A family portrait painting also looks great as a home decor piece be it in the hall or the bedroom.

Pet portrait of her and her cat

Pet portraits of your girlfriend and her pet cat or dog make for a great valentines gift. Gifting a pet portrait to the cat mummy or dog mum will earn you brownie points for being a sensitive, thoughtful person, Who cares not only about her but also cares for the things she cares for, like her pets. To make a pet portrait you need to select a photo you best like. Our talented artist will make a wonderful painting from the photo.

pet portrait painting of cat with girl, girl with pet cat, cat portrait painting from photoPet Portrait of Girl with her Pet Cat (Image Credits: Paintphotographs.com)

The selected photo should depict her and her pet in a playful mood, preferably where she is cuddling the pet or playing with her cat or dog. For pet-loving people, nothing impresses them more than people who also think of their pets. A Valentine’s Day gift of a pet portrait of your girlfriend with their pets will be cherished for a long time to come.  

Portrait painting of a special romantic place with romantic and sentimental value

Another great Valentine’s Day gift idea is to gift a portrait painting of her in a special place that has great romantic and sentimental value to her. For example, the place where you first met her, or a painting of a photo when you first proposed to her.

memorial landscape painting, landscape painting of special place, scenery painting, photo to paintingLandscape Painting of Special Place for a Client( Image Credits: Paintphotographs.com)

Moments like this are rare and joyous. To turn the photo into a painting, select the photo you best like and share it with us. Our talented artist will create a stunning painting from the photo. They carry enormous sentimental value and thus make great romantic gifts for her. Such paintings are always treasured and are proudly showcased in the home like the living room or the bedroom. And they always remind you of your special moment, bringing joy to your partner and you.

Maternity portrait painting


“The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. She never existed before. The woman existed, but the mother, never. A mother is something absolutely new.” ― Rajneesh

If your partner is expecting a baby, a paternity portrait painting is probably the best Valentine’s Day gift you can gift. A baby is the beginning of wonderful adventures. A baby makes love stronger, days shorter, nights longer, bankroll smaller, home happier, clothes shabbier, the past is forgotten, and the future worth living for. A maternity portrait painting captures the flush of motherhood before the baby is born. An unforgettable moment before a woman is transformed into a mother. A well-made maternity portrait painting is a thing of beauty and a joy to behold. It will always remind you of fond memories of the early days of struggle, joy, and hope. Memories that you will cherish always. To create a maternity portrait painting from a photo, you need to select a good photo of the would-be mother. We can then work our magic to turn the photo into a portrait painting that will elegant and gorgeous, and that she will cherish forever.

Wedding Portrait Painting

Every little girl's dream growing up is to have their dream wedding. A custom handmade wedding portrait painting from a photo makes for a fantastic Valentine’s Day gift for them. Just choose the photo you best like from your wedding album and we will turn the photo into a painting that will be a stunning wedding portrait painting. One that will always remind her of her wedding day, and evoke joyous memories.

wedding portrait painting, marriage painting, oil portrait painting from photo, couple wedding portrait painting on canvasWedding Portrait Painting (Image Credits: Paintphotographs.com)

The framed wedding oil portrait can be hung in the living room or bedroom, the staircase, or any other large and prominent place in the house. It will add glamour to your home as few gifts can. You simply can't go wrong with a Valentine’s Day gift of a wedding portrait painting. And she will always appreciate your thoughtful gift.

Gifts for him, gifts for boyfriend, gifts for husband

If you ladies are wondering if there are any Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your boyfriend, husband, or partner, don’t worry. Yes, we have. We created a list of the ideal Valentine’s Day gift for your boyfriend, husband, or partner. Read on. And you will find the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your boyfriends, husbands, and life partners. 

Fantasy portrait painting (painting with a cricket sports star or movie star)

Fantasy portrait paintings make great Valentine’s Day gifts for your boyfriend. Does your boyfriend or husband wish they had a pic of them with their favorite sports star, cricket star, or movie star? You can get them painted in one frame. Using our composite portrait painting technique we can create a painting from two or more separate photos. All you need to do is to share the photo of the star and the pic of your boyfriend. Our artist will turn the photos into beautiful paintings. The results look natural and stunning. So go ahead, if your sports-minded boyfriend or movie star-obsessed husband has such a fantasy, fulfill his wishes through our composite painting service. The gift you can give to your partner on Valentine’s Day. 


Portrait painting of him with his favorite car/bike

Boys love their toys. Every little boy grows up with a dream of owning their favorite cars or bikes. And when they do, they share a relationship with their vehicles that is super important to them. If your boyfriend is crazy about his car or bike, give him a Valentine’s Day gift of a portrait painting with his car or bike. All you need to do is to share the image of his and our master artists will turn the photo into a painting, that will be elegant and stunning. 

portrait painting of man with his bike, rider and his harley davidson painting, photo to paintingPortrait painting of Man and his Harley Davidson (Image Credits: Paintphotographs.com)


The painting will always remind him of the adventures he had on his biking trips with his buddies or a cross-country trip in his car. He will cherish the painting always and will appreciate you for your thoughtful gift. 

Couple Painting with their First House

Every man loves his house. No matter how big or small. A house that will reflect his tastes, dreams, and hopes. Their own space to do what they will. A house is a reminder to the man, that has created his own space on earth. Buying your house is a matter to be proud of. It is not easy to buy your own space. A painting of your house will remind him of all struggles he successfully overcame, and of all the beautiful memories he made in the house. He will get reminded of you, of his children, and all the beautiful memories he made with you. 

Couple in their house painting, couple painting with their new house, welcoming couple in their new house paintingCouple Painting in their New House (Image Credits: Paintphotographs.com)

To turn a photo into a painting share the image you like the best and share it with us and our talented team of artists will create a stunning painting from the photo. A portrait of his house will make a perfect Valentine's day gift. One that will occupy the most prominent wall in your home, the living room. A perfect gift that he will always cherish.

Couple painting in traditional attire


Couple portrait painting in traditional wedding attire is another great valentines day gift for your husband. The couple looks at their most handsome in their traditional wedding attire. There is something about traditional attire, which brings out the best in men. A portrait of him in traditional wedding attire will make a great Valentine's Day gift.

couple painting in traditional attire, Maratha wedding portrait painting from photo, photo to marriage painting, couple portrait painting Couple Portrait in Traditional Attire (Image Credits: Paintphotographs.com)

Portrait painting of favorite vacation spot


Boys love their hiking, mountaineering, and adventure sports. They relish the physical challenges that they overcome. And they are proud when they achieve the summit. This Valentine's day, give them a portrait of their favorite hiking, or mountaineering pic. Our expert artist will turn your photo into a painting that is elegant and beautiful. A painting that will remind him of his strength, integrity, and mental fortitude that enabled him to complete his hike or conquer the summit. It will find a pride place in his study. And he will always love you for it. 

A pet portrait of him and his dog


A dog is a man's best friend. A pet portrait of him and his dog will make the perfect valentines day gift for your boyfriend, husband, or partner. You can select the best pic that you like, one where he is playing with his dog, or playfully posing with him. Our expert artist will make an elegant painting or sketch from the photo.

Pet portrait sketch, dog with his master sketch, charcoal pencil sketch of man with his dog, pencil sketch, charcoal sketchMan with Pet Dog Charcoal Pencil Sketch (Image Credits: Paintphotographs.com)

One that will make the dog daddy in him happy and proud. For it will remind him of not only the fun times he had with his pet but also about, you. How much you cared, for him and the things he cares about. Cared enough to go to the trouble of selecting and making an elegant painting from his favorite photo. And he will truly appreciate you and be grateful for having you in his life.



There you have it. A great list of fantastic valentines day gift ideas for your valentine. And the fun part is, not only each gift listed here is custom made, but they are also personalized and handmade. And each gift idea is suitable not only just for valentines day but also works great as anniversary gifts, wedding gifts, engagement gifts, and birthday gifts.

If you wish to order a custom handmade oil portrait painting or an oil painting you can visit our order now page. Our talented artists can create memorial paintings, Religious and Devotional Paintings, Spiritual and Guru Paintings, Krishna Paintings, and create new portrait paintings from blurry old black-and-white photos.


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