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Transform your Black and White photos into colorful portraits

Posted on 28 March, 2018

Almost everyone has a black and white photo (or two, or three) that makes them feel sentimental emotions, whether it be nostalgia, curiosity, or heart-warming delight. Maybe it’s a shot of your grandparents on their wedding day, standing gracefully by the altar with flowers and lights twinkling in the background. Perhaps it’s a photo of you at a dance recital when you were five years old, beaming at the camera as you show off your tap shoes. Or maybe it’s an old faded print of your hometown from the 1920s, with a horse-drawn buggy making its way down the street past the house you now live in. Old black and white photos have a way of bringing about nostalgia for our past, or give us a peek into life before our time. Beyond antique black and white prints, present-day black and white photos can add a level of simplicity to a photo that can be appreciated by many. That said, although black and white photos can be wonderful for the reasons listed above, sometimes we want to have the best of both worlds. At Paint Your Life, we make it possible to transform a black and white photo into a color painting–vibrantly bringing it to life and adding a little “oomph” to the image, whether it be of a person or place. You may be wondering how it all works. The process kicks off when you submit a black and white photo and select your medium (oil, or acrylic), size, and framing. From there, we provide you with a digital mock-up version of the colored painting, which you will need to approve before the artist starts working on the actual painting. Before you know it, the final portrait is delivered to you at home, ready to be hung on a wall and admired for years to come!

Examples of Black and White Photos to Color Portraits Often, many of our customers have converted a black and white photo to color because they only had one black and white photo of someone they loved, and they wanted to memorialize him or her in a color painting. See some unforgettable examples below…


Color oil portrait painting from old black and white photocolour oil portrait painting from old black and white photo

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