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Posted on 21 April, 2021

A beautiful and creative depiction of Lord Shri Ram was commissioned by our client and devotee of the Lord. The mandate was to create an unconventional painting of Shri Ram depicting his values, valor, and justice. It took us several days to create the custom handmade oil painting to meet his specifications and his approval.


To bring out the strength and vitality of Shri Ram, we chose vibrant shades of saffron and red with Lord Rams silhouette in a lighter shade. The painting is a contemporary, artistic depiction of Shri Ram, as though he rising from smoke to protect his devotees and wreak vengeance on evil.


Notice the sublime brushwork, the play of light and shadow, as though Lord Ram is rising from smoke and shadows, an artistic homage to the ritual of Aarti.


Lord Ram himself has been depicted as a silhouette with his bow, in lighter shade conveying his values of valor and justice.


The custom handmade canvas painting was of large dimensions of size 48 inches x 48 inches ( 4 ft x 4 ft). It took several days for our team to create the painting as per our client requirements and specification, and he was very pleased with end results, when the painting was finally done. Our work earned us a 5 star rating on Google reviews.


Medium: oil painting on canvas 


Size: 24 inches x 20 inches


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