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Hand Painted Oil Portraits are the best Christmas gift Ever!

Posted on 07 December, 2018

Christmas is around the corner and with that, there’s a mad rush to get gifts for loved ones, which will be opened under the Christmas tree in a few weeks from. But what to buy is such a challenge. Supermarkets and online shopping malls are overflowing with gadgets and clothes and all kinds of offers. And it really becomes challenging to choose a meaningful and thoughtful gift. Is that coveted latest handset from Apple a good and thoughtful gift? What about Alexa or Google home? Maybe a tablet will make a good gift. Or maybe the latest fashionable clothes and trendy jeans will make a good gift? The problem is all these gifts will become outdated by the time next Christmas rolls around. Apple will come out with a new phone, there Alexa will have some new upgraded version, which will make the current one look old, and the fashion trends will change. That latest trendy pair of jeans will not look so trendy after all in a year’s time. So the problem remains. It is where the art world comes in. Art serves as a conversation starter, a reflection of the classy taste and the thoughtfulness of the giver.  But it just shouldn’t be just any piece of art, but a personalized, custom-made piece of art. That’s where hand-painted oil portraits stand out. They are made to order, made by a real artist,s and make lovely wall hangings. And most importantly they are not prone to get obsolete by software upgrades.  A well-made, hand-painted oil portrait will last a few generations of phones and other gadgets, and some more. And most importantly they look good for a very long time and don’t require much maintenance. Just an occasional wipe from a clean piece of cloth is all the upkeep that is needed for the oil portrait painting. And the best part, they will not burn a hole in your pocket, while making you appear a thoughtful and meaningful giver of gifts. A well-made, hand-painted Oil portrait is the perfect gift for all occasions. Want an anniversary gift to impress your wife, an Oil portrait will steal her heart. Want a special Christmas gift for your mom, a hand-painted family portrait will gladden her heart. https://www.instagram.com/p/Bq9F-BFFX8K/ Want to impress your girlfriend’s parents, a bottle of wine and a family portrait of your girlfriend should do the trick. Want to impress your boss at work with a Christmas gift, hand-painted oil portrait of him, will make him appreciate you more. Literally, whatever the occasion, a well-made, hand-painted oil will painting stand out!

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