Handmade Oil Paintings make for the Best Anniversary Gifts for Him and Her

Photo to painting

Whether it is your own 7th anniversary, your friends 5th Anniversary or your parents 30th Anniversary, or your children’s first anniversary, searching for anniversary gifts is a tough task these days. You go online and you search Anniversary gifts, and Google will through a plethora of options at you to choose from. Then there is flipkart, Amazon and other online stores, which will show you hundreds of options for Anniversary gifts.

Which one to buy? Is bed sheet a good anniversary gift? Or maybe a perfume, a watch, maybe a cutlery set?

All these are valid options, but none of these are unique. What you ideally should aim for is an anniversary gift that people will remember you for and something that will always remind them of their happy memories and your thoughtful personalized gift.

If you are wondering what can be such a gift? Wonder no more, we are talking about personalized handmade oil portrait paintings.

A handmade Oil Portrait painting is a unique, thoughtful gift, which lasts a long time, and leaves a great impression across all ages and occasions. A well-made hand painted Oil Portrait paintings conveys a unique sense of style, and aesthetics.  They require minimal maintenance, like an occasional dusting, and are long lasting and durable.
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But you must choose your painter with great care as it is the artist, who makes or breaks this unique gift idea. If you are aware of a good artist, who makes good work, then you should approach him for it. If however, you are like many others, who don’t know any artist, fear not, for you have come the right place. Paintphotographs.com is curated artist platform, for personalized portraits and handmade Oil paintings. Our art prices are reasonable and standardized. You can check our prices here. And we deliver work of the highest quality, at reasonable prices. To check our work, we encourage you to visit our gallery pages, or our social media accounts on instagram, or facebook and you can see for yourself our work and our customers’ likes & comments.

And if have questions, just ping us on the chat box and we will be happy to help you.

So next time your wife, husband, friend say that “Anniversary is coming up, what should be the gift?” Answer them with confident smile, “An Oil Portrait Painting by Paintphotographs.com.”

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Why should You get your oil portrait painted?


This question was asked by friends and family, when we started this project. After all, people have mobile in their pockets and take selfies all the time while eating, catching up with friends, going to the theatre, and so on. So why will people want a portrait?

Indeed it’s an interesting question. And our reasoning was counter intuitive. Because people take so many photos all the time, and post it on their social media, the really cherished photos, the moments, get lost in the time line, buried under newer & newer social media posts and ultimately fades from memory.  Indeed the selfie culture has given rise to the movement of impermanence, where everything is recorded but nothing is remembered. Where the real treasured moments gets buried and forgotten under the irrelevant noise.

A good hand painted oil portrait or sketch makes that cherished moment permanent. It adds depth and personality to the subject, in a way that no HD camera or selfie, can ever hope to capture. A brush stroke of an accomplished artist, can add a shadow under the eye, to make it more mysterious, a flick of the brush, can enhance the smile and make it more appealing. An artist adds to the personality of the subject, adds to the grandeur of the moment and adds permanence to the moment.

And that’s why you need an oil painting, gracing your walls, in front of you always, reminding you of the ‘good old days’, a sign of permanence, in the ever changing and uncertain world. A place for your treasured memories, for you to cherish forever, long after the selfie was posted, consumed by likes, shares & comments, and then forgotten.

This post was triggered by a Bloomberg article here:


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How to convert your photo into a painting?

Many a times we wish to take a beloved photo and convert it into beautiful handcrafted painting. If you are an accomplished artist, then the job is easier, but for the rest of us mere mortals, the path to a perfect painting from a photo, is filled with questions.

Where to find an artist? How to ensure he does a good job?

Can I see his past work? These are the typical questions that will come to your mind, if you are not an accomplished artist yourself. You will ask around your friends and have to take their word for it.

Assuming you are able to find one, comes the next stage, How to negotiate the price? Is the price he is quoting is fair? Is it high? Is it low? You can’t simply walk into another store to find out the answers. You need to research, ask around or come to us at paintphotographs.com.

We take all your questions and uncertainty out of the equation.

Our prices are transparent. You can check out our pricing page for the details.

We have created a network of professional and accomplished artist who create amazing high quality portraits and paintings from images and photographs. You don’t have to take our word for it, just check our gallery pages, and our social media pages on Facebook, instagram & twitter.

We have made our ordering process extremely easy and online. Just go to Order now page, choose your medium sketch or painting, choose your size, c hoose number of subjects you want to get painted/sketched, upload your pic, and checkout. That’s it! No matter where you stay, just order online and your painting will be home delivered in few days’ time, and you will have a gorgeous handmade painting, gracing the walls of your home.

And yes, if need help or have questions, just ping us on the site. We are there ready to serve you.

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