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Portrait Painting

Portrait Painting: History and Modern Days

As long as art has been around, people have indulged themselves in making portraits. During the beginning of time, portraits were either painted, drawn, or sculpted and it was reserved for those who were important enough in the first place to be honored with a portrait painting which matched their likeness. The royalties or mostly wealthy, historic figures, important religious individuals, and nobility happened to be the only subjects of portrait painting. Even in present age, you can find a new trend of photo to painting- an innovative way that allows a painter to paint for you using the photo as reference.

photo to painting
Raja Ravi Varma

Prior to the existence of photography, it was painters who captured the visual snapshots. The stone painting was done in a way to immortalize rulers and Gods. However, as centuries kept rolling by, the traditional form of portrait painting was reserved only for religious figures and families. The best painters across the world created work of art which stunningly captured the true essence of each subject. That is the reason early portraits happened to be an artistic representation rather than portraying the subject’s true likeness

Then came the era where every king and queen would have their own personal court painters, who did everything to magnificently capture the glory of the royal family. Then, there were historical paintings which depicted the historical figure and events. Portrait painting was used to glorify the leaders or generals from the bygone eras. Amidst all of the artists two of they have earned glory for their court paintings and they are Hans Holbein and Diego Velazquez.

The Coronation of Nepolean
The coronation of nepolian

Photo to Painting in the modern world: Artists who are reinventing the definition of art –

With artistic movements and differed eras, portraiture further evolved alongside civilization. The noble portraits from the Renaissance period to the middle-class life depiction in the Realism movement – there were artists who developed unique styles and even did self-portraits. Mary Cassatt, Gustav Klimt, Van Gogh, and Pablo Picasso excelled at the art of depicting human expressions.

photo to painting
Self Portrait – Van Gogh

Even today there are many artists with great talent but not easy to reach to. It is in this direction that today photo to painting has emerged as the modern-day art form. There are few platforms which allow you to upload your favorite photo. They, then commissions an artist best suited to your need and gets the painting done and delivered at your door step.

This photo to painting form of art beautifully blurs the line that separates traditional and contemporary art form. Each portrait is drawn using a combination of different materials – oil, acrylic, resin, paint, charcoal, and so on.

Creating portraits from a photo –

It is extremely difficult to make a painting when you are completely unaware of the person. However, you can always rely on those who have mastered that skill and can recreate photo to painting. The artists do a remarkable job regardless of the tiny color pixels, often blurred or poorly lit photographs. All you have to do is share your photographs and the rest will be taken care of by our exceptionally talented painters. In case you have requirements for additional specifications then don’t hesitate to share that with us too. All we want is to transform your best memories into a painting. Once our painters have finished their job we will share the image of it with you for your perusal. You can ask for revision if required and then we send the finished work of art straight away to your doorstep.

The beauty with which the portraits are made from photographs will give you a glimpse of the photo-realistic painting with every detail focused. You will be able to make out the flowing hair, glorious soft skin, and even the textured clothes.

Photo to painting, is the ideal way to get the traditional and royal paintings, custom made for you in this digital era.

portrait painter
Portrait painting
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