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Frequently Asked Questions


Turnaround / Shipping

What is the turnaround time?
The turnaround depends on following factors:
i) Size
ii) Paint medium chosen
Depending on size and medium chosen, typical turnaround time may be around 18 days to 25 days.

Do you offer an express service to expedite the order?
Yes, we offer express service. At the time of final check out you need to select this option and pay the additional fees for it. Under express delivery we deliver within 10 days.

I have confirmed the photo of my painting, but still haven’t received the shipping notification. When should that happen?
Please note the painting needs to be made and paint needs to dry before we are able to ship it. Kindly note the turnaround time mentioned above. You shall be notified once your painting is ready to be shipped. If you need further information Please contact us on the help page with your order details.

To which countries do you ship and how much does it cost?
We ship all around the world.

Prices and Payments

How much does it cost?
Please check the pricing page for details. For further queries, please connect with us on the help page.

What methods of payment do you accept?
All methods accepted by our payment gateway providers, debit card, credit card, internet banking, UPI and Paypal


Can I choose the artist that will paint my painting?
You may choose between gold & silver categories of artists

What framing options do you offer?
Currently we do not offer framing services, however we plan to launch this service soon. If you wish to avail framing services, kindly get in touch with us through our help page.

On the website you show the size as 16×20 inches but I would like a 20×16 inches. What should I do?
If you want small modification with regards to size, kindly get in touch with us through our help page.

Can I buy a gift certificate?
As of now we don’t offer this service. We plan to add the service at a later date.

Which is the best medium for my photo?
Oil painting medium is the best for most photos and have considerable durability over other mediums.

Sending Your Photos
You can upload the photos when you are ordering on to our site. If you face difficulties, kindly get in touch with us on our help page.

To which email address should I send my photographs?
Please send it to us via our help page.

Photo Selection

What if my photo is damaged or not of the highest quality?
It is enough if the quality of the photo allows us to clearly see the details of your photo – but here are a few tips on what you should look for:
1. Send photos that flatter the photographed person. If you don’t like the way you look in the photo, if you think that your smile doesn’t look real, or your nose looks too big, try to pick another photo. Don’t expect the artists to make the person look much better than he looks in the photo 🙂
2. Try to send photos with the highest resolution. If your photo is less than 100 KB size, its resolution may be too low for our artists to create a good quality painting from it.
3. Pay attention to the background. If you have a beautiful photo of your little boy for example, but the background is filled with details that will detract from the painted portrait.

Which photos can I use for my painting?
You can choose any photo as you want. However, bright photos with clear subjects tend to come out better.

General Questions

What’s your return policy?
Photos once painted cannot be returned. However if you are dissatisfied with your painting you may request replacement.

Can I order a custom size? What will the price be?
Yes, you may order custom sizes of your painting, if they are not listed on the site. Pricing will depend upon complexity of the subject & size and can be negotiated on email through our help page.

What’s the status of my order?
You will be notified about your order upon shipping.

Is my private information protected?
Yes your private information is protected. For protection on billing information you may refer to payment gateway terms of service.

Are your painting artists formally trained?

Yes our painters are trained. However our Gold class artists are way more experienced.
My question isn’t answered on this page, what should I do?
Please contact us through our help page.

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